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Leo Contact Form Module is a business-like solution for your shop with better customer care, which is the most important thing your company can do to improve relationships with your customers. This Module was created to help you manage customer support requests more easily and allow you to email customers directly. Together,  you might want to know and resolve the problem as soon as possible. In order that your business will quickly meet the customer's requirements, making a good first impression on your prospective customers. 

This module is truly a convenient tool for your store website with a lot of profits

Contact enables users to ask a question directly on the product page. And you can rapidly reply to their mail in the back office.

The visitors are free to ask anything about the products or services they are about to consume. They can ask a custom question, unlike the predefined FAQs.

The availability of product contact form reduces cart abandonment by engaging customers into products and allowing them a medium of instant communication

Unlike the telephone inquiries, customers can reach you anytime through the product contact form. They are not time bound to ask about the items listed in your store.


 Userguide: Leo Contact Form Module Document

  • Modern Design Modern Design
  • Powerful Framework Powerful Framework
  • Once Click Installation Once Click Installation
  • Professional Support Professional Support

Leo Contact Form Module

Simple but effective for your business



Submit with product

Your customers can submit a support request with the product that they need to be supported with, this will make you underst44and what they want better.

Submit with product


Show the error to the customer

The server will make a validation check to the email and check if they filled up all the Required fields. If the validation is failed, it will show the error to the customer. If it's successful, the form will carry on sending to you.

Show the error to the customer


Fast sending email

Fast sending email


Do the confirmation to custome

Your customer will be confirmed if their requests are sent.

Do the confirmation to customer


User-friendly Module Configuration

Leo Contact Form Module is built to be user-friendly for everyone to use it. After installing the module, the layout display receives default values that we set up earlier. But it’s not suitable for the content of your site. Do not worry, you can change them easily.

Simple Module Configuration


Display Content in Frontend

You can arrange your button anywhere on the product page by adding this hook in tpl file: {hook h=’displayLeoContactForm’}

Default display


Quick Replies in the Back Office

There is no need to go to your mail checking customer’s message. Their mails are saved so you can reply to them in the Back Office.

Quick Replies


Multilingual & Multi-store supported

We support many language settings and a lot of stores on multiple platforms

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Current Version: 1.7.x
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