Leo Bike

Leo Bike guide for prestashop 1.7


Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the Leotheme.


The theme and the sample data is provided "as is". Customizing code and other design related issues can be done as freelance work on a $50-100 hourly rate only with Paypal and/or Skrill, if our team is available. If you are new to Prestashop, please understand I cannot fix your site for free. Leotheme would love to help everyone but We are really busy. I suggest reading documentation available online regarding using Prestashop, server requirements, etc.

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If you are new with prestashop. Please read prestashop guide first:


For each package you download from Leotheme, you will have: quickstart package, theme package, PSD. If you buil your shop from scrap, you can download quickstart file.

Steps of how to install QuickStart

Note : all the steps are described in the video already.

If you have avail shop and install follow guide

Steps of how to install Prestashop theme

  1. Upload, file from your computer: Please find box: Import from your computer > Choose File > Click Next , If you see error when use this way, please use option 2
  2. Upload file to your folder in your live site via FTP client. Please upload the zip file of template to folder: ROOT/themes/theme.zip, refresh your browser, you will see zip file in dropdown list of box Import from FTP, Select template file and click next

Note: Please note that all the steps are described in the video already.

1. Install follow video guide

2. Install follow demo images

- Backend > Preferences > Themes > Add new theme

- You can import themes from your computer

+ If you see this error when the file is too big, you can follow my guide

- Also, you can put themes on the folder themes form FTP

- You can select a theme for the shop

- Select template as default and config show left or right column in each page

5. Create or edit size image and Regenerate thumbnails

Backend > Design > Image Setting

+ Create or edit size image

+ Regenerate thumbnails

Here are two cases, one is above, the other two are below.

Go to the config section of the Leo feature module.

You can read guide in link (Blog Guide)

I. Backend > Ap PageBuilder > Ap Theme Configuration
  1. General setting

  2. Pages setting

  3. Font setting

  4. Data sample

II. Backend > Modules > Leo Live Theme Editor
Back end

Front end

- Front end

- Back end

1 Display Nav2

1.1 Module Currency Selector( Backend > Modules & Service > Installed modules > Currency Selector )

You can configure enable/disable module

+ You can edit "ps_currencyselector.tpl" at: \themes\THEME_NAME\modules\ps_currencyselector\ps_currencyselector.tpl

1. Display Top

2.1 Logo generate code

1.1.1 Change Logo

Backend > Design > Themes & Logo

1.1.2 GenCode

1.1.3 view code

<span class="post-logo">
    <a href="{$urls.base_url}">
         <img class="logo img-fluid" src="{$shop.logo}" alt="{$shop.name}">

2.2 Module Search Bar( Backend > Modules & Service > Installed modules > Search Bar )

You can configure enable/disable module

+ You can edit "ps_searchbar.tpl" at: \themes\THEME_NAME\modules\ps_searchbar\ps_searchbar.tpl

2.3 Module Leo Megamenu

- You can read guide in link (Blog Guide)
- Front end

- Configure Leo Megamenu Silebar(Backend > Modules > Leo Megamenu)

+ You can using "Live Edit Tools" To Make Rich Content For Megamenu

2.4 Module Cart

3. Display Home

3.1 Leo SlideShow

- Configure Leo Slideshow for your homepage ( Backend > Modules & Service > Installed modules > Leo Slideshow )
- You can read guide in link (Blog Guide)

3.2 Widget Image

- Edit Widget Image

3.3 Widget Tabs

3.4 Product Carousel

3.5 Widget Blog

3.6 Widget Twitter

3.7 Widget HTML



<div class="custom-img"><a href="#"><img class="img-responsive" src="/prestashop/update/leo_bike/themes/leo_bike/assets/img/modules/leobootstrapmenu/banner-menu.jpg" alt="" /> </a></div>
<p>Nulla rhoncus blandit lacus, in scelerisque leo varius ac aliquam commodo mollis odio vel con dimentum velit condimentum in donec urna lobortis molestie.</p>
<div class="custom"><span class="icon-address sprite"> </span><strong>Address:</strong> LeoTheme opened</div>
<div class="custom"><span class="icon-phone sprite"> </span><strong>Phone: </strong> +123 456 789</div>
<div class="custom"><span class="icon-mail sprite"> </span><strong>Email: </strong> Leotheme@gmail.com</div>
<div class="custom"><span class="icon-skype sprite"> </span><strong>Sky: </strong> Leotheme</div>

3.8 Product Carousel

-Widget Product Carousel( Configure follow link )

4. Display Footer

you can follow follow

- Front End

- Configure Tool bar(Backend > Modules > Leo Theme Control Panel)

11. Front-office translations(Backend > Localization > Translations)

Thank you for reading!

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