Prestashop is available

Prestashop is available

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Updates


The latest version prestashop is released.


Intertwined between working prestashop version 1.7, they also need to upgrade for the patch 1.6.1.x. About the new version, there is no change in the theme folder, it updates and fixes a few bugs fixed from the old versions.

Prestashop is available for download. This version has seen 20 pull requests from version which released on September 6th

Here are some of the most notable changes that this version brings:

BO: Admin can now remove quantity from Advanced Stock Manager.

BO: Unremovable order states are now really unremovable.

BO: Partial refund cart rules tax method is improved.

BO: Sample customers_import.csv now works as expected.

CO: Ability to save large messages from IMAP.

CO: isAllProductsInStock calculation is improved.

IN: Zipcode formats for Afghanistan and Egypt have been added.

…and several other fixes.

Here is changelog of Prestashop

Changelog 1618

Download theme

Theme 1618

Why prestashop is decided to release the 8th edition of this version. The Prestashop community knows that the Prestashop 1.7 is completely differernt from older versions. And the new version is always accompanied with errors. Thus, we need a stable version for customer and the upgrade for the stable version is necessary in order to improve competitiveness compared to other platforms. As a shop owner, then the first thing directed first is the stability. Moreover, we will improve new gadgets and features.

Note: All template is working well on the new version and

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Dinh Nghia Tran

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Consuelo Carrillo , 14 Sep, 2015 #

That's great!

FanLeo , 23 Sep, 2011 #

Wow, Great Design! I will buy it rightnow :)

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