New Features 360 Image in Our template

New Features 360 Image in Our template

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Updates

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Dear valued customer,

The world is developed increasingly and nowadays many new features are created to serve people.  As you know, new technology change the world like smart phone, live stream function or 360 images. These techniques seem to have positive response when released to the world. It is explained that people like something new, special and smooth. I also agree with this point moreover new function improve our lives, it help the daily life easier and user can have new experiences with new technology. Now every smart phone can become a broadcast live or you can see full angle a wonder world.

Above I wrote about the experiences in life what about work? Might those feature be useful with shop owner in their business? We will analyze a little bit about the benefit when apply new technology with an online store. Simply, online store permitted customer can order product via internet, it means that they do not need to come to store, they still buy product. However coming to store, they can see reality product they also can test to see which is the most suitable with them to have final decision. New feature will solve this problem via live stream you can show the new product to customer or using 360 image to show overall product. Thus customer do not need to come to store they still have an overview about our product. In addition, customer have new experiences with new technology, it will give customers shopping induction. In the past, shop own have to take about 4 different images to show full dimension, if using image 360 you only take 1 screenshot. 

Let me introduce a little our widget included in our module Ap Page Builder. Our module permitted customer integrate those photos into a multi-dimensional image. Customer can use mouse drag and rotate images. It may easier to see overall product. The benefits of our module is undeniable. If your online store has not integrated this effect please contact with us to see how useful this new technology is.


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Dinh Nghia Tran

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Consuelo Carrillo , 14 Sep, 2015 #

That's great!

FanLeo , 23 Sep, 2011 #

Wow, Great Design! I will buy it rightnow :)

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