News in Prestashop

News in Prestashop

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Updates


Hello readers,

There are some changes in the latest Prestashop version Let me introduce to you.

News in Prestashop

1) Notice of License

This source file is depend on the Export Software License (OSL 3.0) that is packaged with this packet in the file LICENSE.txt. It is also appeared on the World Wide Web at this URL If you cannot receive a copy the license and it did not pass through the World Wide Web. You can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. thus you can receive a copy immediately.

2) Disclaimer

If you want to upgrade Prestashop to higher version in the future, you should not edit or add to this file. If you need to customize Prestashop for your needs please refer to for more details.

3) Change Log 

Changelog of Prestashop version

4) Released Note

Prestashop with many changes to improve customer’s stores. It has new and improved Performance SQL and Taxes and Price Calculation. It also had new design in backend that reflects PrestaShop’s new visual identity. For European traders, with “Advanced EU Compliance” module will help their store applied the law of their country

- Performance (SQL queries)

Prestashop has optimized in deep SQL queries for both backend and frontend. In testing period, 200% faster than old version are our results with operations performed in back office.

- Design

Prestashop had changed new mascot from They’ve modified the backend to make information easier to read, and highlight areas of importance.

-Launch of new architecture

New coding standards and tools are introduced to enhance the software reliability and increase the effectiveness in tests. Even with the launch of this project, these changes will not affect the backwards compatibility (such as modules, for example.)

-Taxes and Price Calculations

For several months, we put a strong emphasis on improving and resolving existing issues regarding tax management and price sounding.

-“Advanced EU Compliance” Module

This module was created to help merchants comply with laws within the European Union, specifically those from German countries. Altogether, we added 15 new options that are easy to configure and helps PrestaShop merchants sell better in Europe.

5) Download File 

Download Prestashop version


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Dinh Nghia Tran

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Consuelo Carrillo , 14 Sep, 2015 #

That's great!

FanLeo , 23 Sep, 2011 #

Wow, Great Design! I will buy it rightnow :)

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