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Hello Readers,

A large number of stores are now running on the latest PrestaShop 1.6.1 version and the number of migrating stores keeps increasing ever day! Prestashop announced that they would be launching PrestaShop!

What are the differences between and

With prestashop version, developers corrects minor bugs found in the solution. The APIs for prestashop themes and modules were not modified, thus if your stores have launched with Prestashop, they should be upgrade into

What should be changed in Prestashop

Here are some of the issues which are considered for inclusion in version Some are already fixed, other still have to be worked on.

These fixes are merged or ready to be merged:

•[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6087 “Maintenance Mode” disappears in Modules page

•[-] CORE: Fix translation issue with html entities

•[-] CORE: Fix PHP 5.2 issue on FileSystem Core class

•[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-6052 - Invalid date_upd in import

•[-] BO : Change bulk modules update

•[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6086, wrong version in header

•[-] IN : Fix #PSCSX-6133, Property TaxRulesGroup->date_add is not valid

•[-] BO : Media::addJsDefL should be called in admin controllers

•[-] CORE: bad property name. image_type doesn’t exist anymore

•[-] FO : Change links to https

•[-] BO : FIX #PSCSX-6158, notice in modules list

•[*] BO : fix #PSCSX-6096 untranslate string in orders pdf

•[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6134, redirect_after on adminCustomers

•[-] Project: getBrightness() with a short $hex (e.g.: #FFF)

•[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5844, #PSCSX-6138, CustomerMessage->message length && CustomerMessage->message is not valid

•[-] FO : Fix wrong statement close in /product.tpl

•[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6234, could not update category position to first position

•[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-6154 - Customer filter in orders

•[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-6142 - wrong default cover id in webservice

•[-] IN : Fix #PSCSX-6133, Property TaxRulesGroup->date_add is not valid

•[-] BO : FixBug #PSCSX-6208 - Profiling redirection error

These will be worked on, among others:

•Link to anchor in product page destroys ability to add to cart

•Error on order invoice process involving tables order_invoice, order_invoice_payment, order_invoice_tax Their data is missing with some orders

•Wrong Base price in Invoice when specifyc price is enabled

•Quantity = 2 instead of 1 when adding product from BO in a manual order

•Cannot filter Carts on id_order: Unknown column ‘status’ in ‘where clause’

When Prestashop is coming to “Town”?

Prestashop announced that they needed time to complete the final debugging and testing on the Prestashop stores. Thus, their plan of Releasing Prestashop is at the end of August. They want the new version runs very stable on the store.

Leo Theme Company with Prestashop

Like the other updating times, Leo theme is always Leading Innovation to update Prestashop themes and look forward to our new themes based on new version Prestashop

Thank for your reading!

Dinh Nghia Tran

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