Hot Trend of Prestashop Design in 2015

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Updates

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To have attractive store, you must have wonderful interface. Today we will analyze what characteristics should be involved in a beautiful site to attract customer in 2015. It could be seen as Hot Trend of Prestashop Design.  

1.Full width Slideshow

prestashop slideshow

Full width Slideshow always attract customers. You should have a list of beautiful picture, you can get anywhere without copyright or permission. With nice images and full width option will bring your site a new interface with good the first impressions. 

2.Bright colors and Material Design

prestashop material

Material Design is very popular from the beginning of 2015 it has been the trend of ecommerce with eye-catching bright colors, the use of very excitable, with the use of appropriate markings for example freshness in summer or warm in winter.

3.Multiple Stores and Multiple Profiles

prestashop themes

This is almost the trend with multiple profiles, themes means you can create multiple profiles for each time in a year such as Halloween with horror pictures, Christmas with snow and pine background, Summer beach holiday. Besides, the themes are designed for the purpose of sales varied, your themes should be suitable with diversified commodities.


prestashop effect

Effects make your site becomes more vivid. It may be the trend of e-commerce sites using effects such as Animation, Parallax or Drag and Drop elements effects make your website become smoother. Your job is simply to roll your mouse and see the changes.

5.Responsive Design

prestashop responsive

With Responsive Design, it does not matter whether you are accessing your site with any device as mobile or desktop. The number of people using smart phone is increasing rapidly so Responsive Design is indispensable unless your store will be forgotten. A flexible theme completely adjustable for any device is necessary. (Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone…)

6.Card-based Design

prestashop card-based design

Due to characteristics of responsive design is reserved should be compatible on the types and different screen sizes up card-design is the easiest way to do this. Pinterest and Google Plus are two examples of using card-style design. The course of eCode image on the home page is well designed in this style.

7.Multimedia Experience

prestashop themes

Video is embedded in your site had appeared long ago which had been done mostly by Flash, then now this trend is moving to HTML5 canvas element to help you create the magical effect virtual on your site while reducing load time page than flash. A compelling video in your site will quickly attract the attention of visitors to access the site.

Conclusion: Without these factors may your page will be discarded simply because an increasing number of competitors. Progressive technologies always promote human changes and here are some of the Prestashop Themes Collection, we believed that our themes would meet all the requirements discerning.

Dinh Nghia Tran

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