Prestashop is Released

Prestashop is Released

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Theme Release


Today, I will inform you about Releasing of Prestashop It is truly available, in this version about the slow product page will be fixed. The other changes is the list of pull request merged into the 1.6.1.x branch. Even more issues were fixed in than in, the first maintenance release. We are pretty confident you will enjoy this release more than any other of recent time.

Some highlight in

Front office

• A new demo address is now in place. Sorry to our friends at Citroën!

• Product comparison now takes the chosen interval into account.

• Fixed a situation where customer could not see available vouchers.

• Products are now sortied by name in the invoice. Easier picking!

• The top menu was not always active on mobile, now it is!

• Updates to the Swedish translation for the installer.

• Czech translation added for the installer.

•…and many more!

Back office

• Product page tabs now load asynchronously (see section above). Wow, that feels better!

• Several performance improvements.

• Several fixes in multishop, warehouses and import tools.

• Pagination is fixed in POST requests.

• Carrier were not editable in certain situations, now they are again.

• Fixed a case where third-party modules could not be disabled.

• No more confusion between private and public messages in Customer Service.

• Meta title and description now use textarea.

• Fixed repetitive queries in specific prices.

• You can now reset your invoice numbers (“Reset Invoice progressive number at beginning of the year” option), and add the year to it.

• The invoice template function computeLayout() can now be overriden.

•…and many more!

The PrestaShop changelog is available

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