How to add Social Media Icons and Share buttons in Prestashop 1.7

How to add Social Media Icons and Share buttons in Prestashop 1.7

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prestashop 1.7 tutorial

Social Media nowadays is very popular. Its power is undeniable. People usually spend significant devices to check news feeed and sharing their status, ideal and pictures day by day. Thus, buying habit is changed overtime, now if you want to buy a product instead of you go out in the store and pay in cash, you only need a device can access internet, you can still own that product with one click and your product will be delivered to your house.. It is the convenience that social network brings to us.
Once a customer finds some web store he probably wants to get more information about it in various social networks just because he trusts them and knows he can find more feedback and reviews there. So now connection with those networks is obligatory and it’s a really effective way tell to people all around the world about your product.

Today, we will show you how to configure two important modules that will permit you add social media icons and share button to your online store.
Step 1: Access into your back office, in Improve Section:
Module -- Modules & Services -- Installed Module (tab)
Here you search 2 modules: Social Media Follow Links and Social Media Share Button

prestashop 1.7 tutorial
1. Social Media Follow Links

prestashop 1.7
There are 8 fields where you can insert links for your accounts in the most popular networks as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Rss and Vimeo. When you add link for your social network, please remember save button to show data in frontend.

prestashop 1.7 tutorial

And now in footer on every page you can notice icons of these social networks:

prestashop 1.7 tutorial

2. Social Media Share Button

Select configure option of Social media follow links module:

prestashop 1.7 tutorial

User may see, it is just necessary to decide which social network share buttons will be shown on the product page. In my opinion, you should create all available for your customer. Press save and check your frontend.

prestashop 1.7 tutorial

That’s it. Now you know how to connect your web store with social networks.

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