How to manage Menu Categories in Prestashop 1.6.1.x

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Prestashop Tutorials

prestashop tutorial

Today, I will introduce to you a Prestashop guide for using menu categories in prestashop 1.6.1.x

1. Add new Categories 

- Access Catalog --> Categories

prestashop tutorial


- Find add new button

prestashop tutorial


- Fulfill your information

prestashop tutorial

+) Name – you choose the name of your category. You can use Multilanguage for this name. 

+) Displayed – To select enable or disable your category.

+) Parent Category – if you want to create a subcategory for a category other than the home page, choose the category under which it will be displayed.

+) Description – add the description for new category. You can use the visual editor to format your text, insert images, and turn on the source HTML code of the description.

+) Image – to add your image from your computer.

+) Thumbnails –allow user to add 3 images be shown in the menu dropdown on your front end.

+) Meta title – you can add Meta data to improve your website for SEO.

+) Meta description – your category description that will appear in search engine results.

+) Meta Keywords – keywords to make your store recognizable by search engines. You can enter several of them, separated by commas, as well as expressions which must be indicated in quotation marks.

+) Friendly URL – allow to write to the URL addresses of your categories.

+) Group access – restrict access to the category and its product for certain customer group if necessary.


2. Active new category in top menu

- Access Modules and Services --> Module and Services

prestashop tutorial


- Search Top Horizontal Menu to configure

prestashop tutorial


- Find your New Category in Available items for adding (here you can choose add or remove or change position of categories).

prestashop tutorial

NOTE: Remember Save for changes and See the different in Front End. Wish you success with our guide. Thank for reading!

Dinh Nghia Tran

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