How to add language in Prestashop 1.6

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Prestashop Stores come with multiple languages. It means that Prestashop aimed to Global Store. Trader will not be confused their customers come from, Prestashop Store can easily customize every language in the world, and consumer can understand your commodity traded. Thus, we write a guideline for shop owners with just few steps you can add any language in the world into your store.

The page displays the languages already installed on your shop, along with some information: ISO code, language code, date format (short and full). You can enable or disable a language by clicking on the icon in the "Enabled" column.

Adding a new language is simply a question of importing the localization pack from a country which uses that language (in the "Localization" page). If it turns out this does not work, or that you need something customized, you can add a new language manually, using the form behind the "Add new" button.

Note: Creating a new language means you will have to translate all of the text for PrestaShop front-end, back-end, modules, etc., or risk using the default English strings. Translation is made using the tool in the "Translations" page, under the "Localization" menu.

You can also create a new language in order to cater for a language pack that you would have downloaded from the Prestashop site.

Follow our steps:

Step 1: Login into your backend 

Step 2: Find Localization—Language

Step 3: Find Add new language with “+” icon

Step 4: Fulfil all requirements and Save changes.

- Name: for example “French (Quebec)”

ISO code:  If you are importing a language pack, this code should exactly match the one for the pack.

Language code: Enter the adequate 4-letter language code, in the form xx-yy, xx being the language ISO code (same as above), and yy the country ISO code, using ISO 3166-1 alpha-2

Date format: Countries around the world have different date representation.

- Date format full: Same as the date format above, but including the hour-minute format.

- Flag: Upload an image of the flag which best matches the language you want to add. It should be 16*11 pixels.

- “No-picture” image: Upload an image which will be displayed when a product does not yet have a picture. That image is simply a blank image, with "No image" or "No image available" in this language. The picture should be 250*250 pixels. You can find existing "No-picture" images in the /img/l directory of your PrestaShop installation.

- Is RTL language: There are some languages written from right to left, most notably those using Arabic script or the Hebrew or the Hebrew alphabet. When a prestashop theme is well coded, it is able to handle RTL languages- provided it is clearly set as such

- Status: You may disable a new language until you are ready to translate everything.

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