How to update the latest prestashop version

How to update the latest prestashop version

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Prestashop Tutorials



Hi everyone! I understand that you will have many problem when upgrading your store to prestashop version. I write this tutorial will help you can easily solve this problem by tips and tricks. Moreover, I will show significant changes and Prestashop V1.6.1.0 Themes Upgrade Plan at


I. Tips and Tricks when upgrading Prestashop version

1.Backup Full your MYSQL Database with Phpmy admin and prestashop file. 

2.Test subdomain or local host on your Server

3.Duplicate my SQL database and link to your subdomain/locallhost

4.You copy your FTP backup into the subdomain/local host folder

5.You need sure that you edit the /config/ file of new test site.

6.Finally, you can test for grading prestashop version which without touching your live shop.


II. Download Themes

Depending on where you buy themes. Here we do guides for Our consumers and Our members from Leo Theme in detail.


prestashop themes


Prestashop Templates Single   Prestashop Templates Membership


prestashop themes


You can check our list prestashop themes updated at HERE.


Prestashop Themes on v1.6.1.0   Download Prestashop version


III. Main Steps 


Before the updating process, you should prepare two files needed. They are Your Theme Store file and Prestashop Version

When you finished installing theme.


Step 1: Copy your Project into your Database (Project = File Prestashop into Database = File Theme example: Ap_Shopping)



Step 2: Copy file from ap_shopping\config into project\config



Step 3: Copy your important files: theme, images and module from Ap_shopping into Project. 



With Module Files, you only choose which module need to update



With theme file:

You should use the Beyond Compare Software to compare between the old version and the new one. Especially, which file you have changed as CSS files in old version, you can see the differences between theme and you choose what data you need to move on the latest version.


compare tool  


Step 4: Check your update with this local link: http://localhost/ap_shopping/prestashop/install/upgrade/upgrade.php

(ap_shopping/prestashop = name of your project)



Step 5: when updating database success, now you can delete all files in your Database ( file themes) and copy all files in your project ( Prestashop into this. 


Step 6: Do all above steps, if you face with problems when installing process version, you can go to backend editor and choose Yes/No SEO&URLs.





We hope our guidelines will help you update your store successful!

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Dinh Nghia Tran

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