How to manage Taxes in Prestashop 1.6x

How to manage Taxes in Prestashop 1.6x

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Prestashop Tutorials

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When running online business, the administration work involved is inevitable. Taxation is one of those issues. Today we will teach you to manage your store's tax through Prestashop 1.6x Modules.

1.Go to localization choose Taxes

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-In the taxes page you will see a table with all the preconfigured which should be set according to your store’s default country.


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-In our example the default country is the United State so the tax rates are for the different states.

2.To add a new a tax click on the Add new tax button that’s above the table.

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Fill the blank

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-       On the page that opens you have to configure the options for the new tax.

-       Name should be specific, as this will help you build tax rules faster.

-       The exact rate in the format.

-       Enable you can disable and re-enable a tax at any time.

-       After filling in the fields click on the save button.


3.At the bottom of the page is the “Tax Options” section.

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These options apply to the whole shop and all of the orders.

-      Enable tax. Whether or not taxes are included in each purchase.

-      Display tax in shopping cart. You might prefer the customer not to be aware of the taxes that are applied to the order. In that case, disable this option.

-      Based on. The customer can choose to have the product not delivered at the same address as the one the order invoice should be sent to.

-      Save the changes after applying the changes to Tax Options.

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