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Prestashop 1.6x. How to manage your banner

15 Jun
Dinh Nghia Tran In: Prestashop Tutorials

prestashop guideline

Firstly, We should understand clearly what is banner and its purpose. Banner was considered as a border advertising, they should be about products or brands. It is usually placed in the footer, but you can put it anywhere you want. It is usually beautiful images with some commentary to help viewers understand the products as well as the store's promotion program.

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Guide Using Footer in Prestashop 1.6x

03 Jun
Dinh Nghia Tran In: Prestashop Tutorials

guide using footer

Firstly you need to understand what footer is and what it contains. For a complete layout in a site includes header, content and footer. It is last section of usual layout. It often contains, homepage, introduced the author, contact and blog... The reason is simple so that it becomes a convention because people are used to seeing these things at the bottom. It almost reminds viewers one part of what is in the page, the link to which viewers want to contact or follow. Today we write a guideline for you how to manage and use these modules and widgets in the footer.

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Using Home Slider Module in Prestashop!

27 Feb
Dinh Nghia Tran In: Prestashop Tutorials

The advantages of Slider for your homepage

- Easy to create colorful, attractive designs using the standard templates and themes 

- Easy to modify compared to other visual aids, such as charts, and easy to drag and drop slides to re-order presentation.

- Easy to present and maintain eye contact with a large audience by simply advancing the slides with a keystroke, eliminating the need for handouts to follow the message.

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Managing Catagories in Prestashop 1.6

25 Feb
Dinh Nghia Tran In: Prestashop Tutorials


The importance of categories

Categories is necessary, thus they permit user group products which have the same techniques. This help customer find what they need easier through the diversification of your categories and it also narrows the finding location when customer can search the type of product which they need. Categories also help customer compare product easily (by using modules and techniques of Prestashop)

User should create a new category when you have at least two products with the same techniques and attributes. Products contained in a category should be compatible, if they are unchanged. Keeping this idea in mind when adding new products and create new categories. You cannot create categories, and then you give all of its products in the same place at the "Home". But then the customer is very difficult to search and compare products together.

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How to Manage Multiple Stores in Prestashop using Leo Framework

04 Feb
Dinh Nghia Tran In: Prestashop Tutorials

how to manage multistore in prestashop


When we should use multi-store?


how to manage multistore in prestashop


- When you sell your product range and they cannot be present in the same store. For example, food and clothing, you cannot sell clothes on site selling food or vice versa.

- When you like the changes, instead you have 1 shop with full function of time you can have much more to change the look of your store to let customers enjoy.

- When you focus on the holidays or events, the multiple shop would be a reasonable choice for multiple shop was set how often based on events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving...

- When you have a trade and retail store selling products at retail and trade prices.

- When you have products selling in multiple countries but at different prices.

- When you build multiple stores with different branding and layouts.

Follow Our Steps and for Each Step, you should SAVE what you did for losing data and CLICK images for FULL SCREEN !


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