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10 July, 15
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Prestashop Community is an industry leader in open source solutions for ecommerce.


According to the rapidly development of the Prestashop Community, The number of Prestashop Producer Theme have been grown. It caused dilution in the market, which shows the impact of increasing Prestashop but they are always confused who the Prestashop trusted manufacturers should be trusted. Today, I write this blog to give my opinions about the way to help manufactures build Strong Prestashop Community.

Let us introduce ourselves, Leo Theme is the No.1 Company specializing in Prestashop over 8 years. We built our own Framework and Module with Prestashop Standards. After that, using these powerful module with wonderful design, we built our themes for customer by the leading experts in Prestashop Community. Our themes were presented and succeed in the most demanding market and Leo Theme is always in Top Sellers as Themeforest, Prestashop Addon. Leo Theme’s templates were known widely, with professional working, after sales services and supporting activities, we built trust from customer around the world.

Besides that, Leo Theme always finds the way to help our customer get the best online stores so we built Leo Theme’s Custom Work, people can easily know that, we will help you to build your store in your own way.

Leo Theme‘s Custom Work

We believe that with more than 8 years experiences in Prestashop, we will give you the best advices. We also encourage customer that they should join in Prestashop Theme Club to use ALL Prestashop Collections Themes with cheaper than Single Theme.

Prestashop Theme Club

With other Prestashop Manufactures, Leo Theme wants to link with other Prestashop Producer  For manufacturers like us, we call on the link to join hands to build Prestashop Community by the way we can sell your modules and themes on our official site ( and vice versa. Or you can sign up to become our affiliate. Thus we can have a strong link to Prestashop market.

Leo Theme‘s affiliate

Finally, we want to thank to our customer, our partner and our market around the world for your support and believe in Leo Theme. We committed that we constantly developed with a strongly Prestashop Community.

Contact with us through official channels:

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- LinkedIn: Leo Theme

- Google Plus: Leo Theme

- G-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dinh Nghia Tran

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    This Package packed All Modules, Templates, Userguide, DataSameple. By using this package, you will get the site the same as the demo


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    This Package packed All Modules, Templates, Userguide, DataSameple. By using this package, you will get the site the same as the demo.


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