Leo Theme Distribution

Leo Theme Distribution

08 December, 14
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Nowadays, online merchants are in need of agencies to assist them. Leo Theme helps businesses grow by working hand-in-hand with our partners and merchants to ensure everyone is successful. Our expertise will make you a Leo Theme expert while our promotional techniques will bring you unparalleled exposure that will grow your business. Become certified and gain new customers and build incredible projects with Leo Theme!

Why should choose being a distribution of Leo Theme!

-Nowadays, Template market is strongly developing thus E- commerce will become more and more popular.

-Leo theme is the No.1 company specializing in Prestashop field over 8 years.

-Leo theme’s templates were known widely, with professional working style we build trust from customer around the world. 

-Leo theme’s templates were designed by the leading experts

-Leo theme created wonderful templates, we need partner to bring Leo theme’s designs to customer around the world, That is you - The Key player in distribution program!


How to become a  distribution of Leo Theme!


We launched a program that we permitted anyone or any companies around the world joining with us to be a partner of Leo Theme.

-Importantly, in each product which brought from us you have to set a logo of Leo theme, this is very necessary to become a part of Leo Theme.

-In addition, when you serve your customer, you should care about after support services this is your responsibility not Leo Theme

-Finally, you must provide us admin account of your website, it helps us to check the quantity of sales in order to calculate your payment.


What is your Payment!

Payments are issued in US dollar, and we paid once a month by using admin account we will calculate the amount of money/payment which you have to pay. 


Which Way to Link with Leo Theme!

-Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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