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26 November, 14
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Prestashop Web Hosting Provider

Leo Theme and The world renowned A2 hosting providers link together to bring you the best solutions for a successful e-commerce site. Host your online shop in just one-click !

Prestashop sites with amazing technique A2 hosting provider!

When using A2 hosting, your Prestashop Site runs 300% Faster Hosting!

You design a wonderful web with your beautiful design, products and content, you want to show them to customer but your site runs slowly, it will lead to anxiety from customer.

Business was delayed result in damage to your profit’s company  A2 Hosting deeply knows this.Thus, Their SwiftServer SSDs provided the high performance that can put you ahead of your competition in order to creat competitive advantage.

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A2 hosting brings differentiation for Your Prestashop site!

Nobody Likes A Slow Site. A2 Hosting Provide Yours Differentiation!

-Easy No-Click Prestashop Setup

-300% Faster Compared To Competing Leo Theme Hosts

-Performance Tuned SwiftServer platform

-Free CloudFlare CDN (200% faster page loads on average)

-Railgun Optimizer (up to 143% faster page load speeds)

-Choice Of Data Center Locations


New Experience with Turbo Server!

Web hosting provider A2 Hosting has just added to their product line of high performance solutions with the launch of their Turbo Servers. Turbo servers permitted Sites hosted toload up to 20-times faster compared to standard hosting. Turbo raises A2 Hosting’s fastest service offering to date.

A key funtion  of Turbo is APC Powered By SwiftCache, allowing for improved performance of PHP applications. Unlike other hosts who do not allow APC use in a shared hosting environment, A2 Hosting Turbo customers get to experience the significant speed advantages provided by APC. APC optimizes performance by storing a copy of executable code, allowing the server to skip reading and compiling a file or group of files each time a PHP script is run.


Additional features contributing to Turbo Servers’ speed include:

-Fewer users per server

-Hosted on SwiftServer SSDs

-Uses less CPU and memory than Apache

-Handles connections faster and more efficiently

-Provides enhanced stability


Commitment about Quality!

A2 Hosting’s Marketing Manager Brad Litwin committed that “When we say ‘Our Speed, Your Success’, we really mean it.”. You don't like slow websites. Neither do your visitors. If your site is slow, your visitors will just find another site to buy from or get their information from. That's why your site will be hosted on our exclusive SwiftServer platform. The bottom line is we're faster than the competition.

Our ultra-reliable, high-performance hosting will help you succeed. Host on our Turbo Server for page load speeds up to 20X faster than standard drives!


Why should choose A2 hosting provider for your Prestashop!

A2 hosting provider was known widely with their line products. E- Commerce websites are the main partner. The link between them has brought their fame. Moreover, A2 hosting always researches more and more functions to help customer access your Prestashop site as fast as possible. With the lead expert and professor, A2 hosting provide you the most wonderful feature for Prestashop site.

By using Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting to Dedicated Servers, A2 Hosting has a solution to fit your needs.

Save 20% with the coupon LEOTHEME! 

Dinh Nghia Tran

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    This Package packed All Modules, Templates, Userguide, DataSameple. By using this package, you will get the site the same as the demo.


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