How to create a LANDING PAGE in Prestashop with Ap Pagebuilder

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When selling or promoting a product or service online, it is a must to learn many different skills as well as concepts to be successful. Landing page is a typical example. Understanding about  landing page and applying it in your business will drive  your selling to the best result.

  1. What is a landing page?

A landing Page (also known as a destination page) is a single web page. “Single” means the content only focuses on 1 page and reader can drag upside down to discover the content.

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 2. why  should we use a landing page?

 By using landing page, you can create content pages to speak about your product, service, discount, gift or ebook giving, event, marketing filter.

Thanks to landing pages, you can promptly create attractive content, which convinces customer and make you trustable to them.

 According to a report from Hubspot:

  • Businesses increase 55% of potential customers when they create from 10 to 15 landing pages

  • Businesses with more than 40 landing pages double their potential customers in comparison with those who have only 5 or less landing pages.

The reasons why landing page can bring great benefits are:

  • Target the customer psychology, help them solve their problem: The headlines, paragraphs, words used in landing page are highly persuasive, aimed at the customer psychology.

  • Focus on particular conversion: when customers access to a landing page, they will have only choice and not be distracted by any button or other place.

Landing page that has the highest conversion rate is Leadpage, because customers can register freely to gain something such as a free trial, an ebook or guide, etc. Afterward, business can use the collected customer files for their remarketing in the future.

Sale landing page (or salepage) also works it best if the content in landing page is sufficient, explicit, and convincing.

3. How to create a landing page in Prestashop

 A good news for fans of Leotheme and Apollotheme is that by using Ap Pagebuilder, you can easily build landing page. 

What you need to do is to create a new profile and link it, your profile will be displayed in the front-end of your website

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Extremely easy and efficient.

 You can create header and footer that look the same as your current page or you can also create a set of new header and footer.

 4. Strengths of Ap Pagebuilder module in creating landing page in comparison with other modules.

Currently, there are some modules that can help to create landing page. However, their shortcoming is the unfriendly URL, which is seen in  id=1342223, ?p=6362662.v.v , not displayed directly  like Ap Page Builder does.

Their landing page mostly displays images and text, is disable to insert code Js or TPL to follow the conversion.

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So what are the strengths of Ap Pagebuilder?

 We are listing some out as bellow: 

  1. Friendly Url 

  1. Connect to product: you choose one or more products in service package shown in landing page in order for customer to put it into shopping cart. 

  1. Support in inserting code Js or Css right in the landing page, different code in different landing page. 

  1. Be able to connect to another module of Prestashop to display in landing page. 

  1. Insert images and text with vivid animations 

  1. Support in creating count down for service. 

  1. Powerful back-office with drag and drop function, easy customization 

  1. Competitive prices, with only $99 you can possess a module which can both create landing page and support in creating your homepage. 

  1. Closely connect with social networking site, your landing page can connect with facebook like, instagram feed, Pinterest, Twister, etc.


To put it an end, Leo Theme makes a tutorial video that guides you how to create a Landing Page in Prestashop with Ap Pagebuilder. Hope that this tutorial helpful for you. Wish you success with your Landing page.

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