How to Avoid Critical SEO Errors of E-commerce Websites!

By Dinh Nghia Tran In: Blog

This common problem appeared when you have an online store. managers often assume that their job is to simply put their product on their site without noticing to the other issues and that is why there are questions that our products are very good but our sale amount is not desirable it be explained with 2 main reasons is due to the form of marketing is not effective and common mistakes in SEO. Today I'll show you some errors that we can prevent and improve the situation.

1. Lack of product description

When putting a product on the network, often managing their product images and product name for viewing, but that is not enough for good SEO you must fully describe its products. For example, the product is manufactured from materials what color it is and customer oriented. Without this factor, your site is definitely not to be top 10 of the Google search server.

Obviously the more unique content you write for your product description will always be better for your SEO efforts. However, keep the following things in mind:

- Just write the description quality help your customers make buying decisions.

- Do not copy content from other websites. The search engines will penalize you for doing this.

- You also need attention insole length exceeding of describe over permission, the full brief.

2. Use the product description from the manufacturer

Because from the manufacturer may send many other branches substrate and can cause duplication. This action can guarantee your site will be banned from the search engines.

The rule here is to create unique content, Google will get better and position your site will be dropped. You may want to consider putting a Meta tag on the page NO INDEX products that you cannot write a single content.

It's much better to keep your SEO in better condition so that it gets from the product page or a poorly optimized search strategy spam content.

3. Lack of customer reviews

Research has shown that shoppers often through online networks they often read the feedback from previous buyers to choose where to buy what product. Therefore without the first part of this section you have lost a competitive advantage over your competitors. And on SEO if your product is good and the crowd customer value helps bring the search engines back more often, any time can update your site.

The 5-star rating of customers will increase the credibility of your website and the advantages brought about is not possible to estimate.

4. No site optimization based on the desired product search

All products are associated with the tag, so you must take the time to learn the key word from that to put that right. You should use the search engines to navigate the demands when you write articles or pepper product description. Failure to do so you will fall prey will go separate ways k unheeded you because they cannot find you.

With that said, here are some tips to help you better optimize the product page:

-Using the model number in the title tags and H1 headers.

-Using the brand name in your title tags and H1 headers.

-Do not forget to fill your image alt tag!

-Do not lock tool equipped with the key phrase by repeating it over and over again.

And never, ever, use a frame to display content. Make sure that your content really exist on the product page that is meant to be on.

For more on-page SEO tips, be sure to read our article called The Recipe In page-SEO for Inbound Marketing peak efficiency.

5. Duplicate Content

This is important because your website may get penalized for duplicate pages (especially on large sites such as many online shopping sites).

You could add the no follow attribute on links that point to areas of duplicate content. However, you must be extremely careful to ensure you find all the unique link that needs to be nofollowed (because Google will find them).

6. Lack of “Speaking” URLs

There are three reasons why you should use the URL:

Semantics: It makes it easy for customers or people seeking to know what to expect when they click on the URL. If you have an extremely long address full of numbers and gibberish - it may look for spam and a turn off.

Keywords and Anchor Links Luck: There is a chance that the URL will be picked up by another website and re-posted. Important keywords will be in the anchor tag if they URL is used as the anchor text. Getting keywords in anchor text pointing to your website is the main driver of the rankings for the search engines.

Suitability: Having relevant keywords in URLs used to be a big driver for the domain name. Google is beginning to put less priority on that, but it cannot hurt to have the relevant keywords for your URL to the product page.

The golden rule of SEO - a priority Usability

As you know, Google is a search engine is very worried about the user and their experience. First, you should make your online store convenient and useful for customers to gain the respect of it. What is good and unique for your customers - it is good for Google.

The more time people spend more on your site, and the less they click back to the search results page is a great sign that Google is sending them to the right place.

Finally, people want your site and what it has to offer are very likely associated with it - and as we have said before, the link is what takes you up on the search results page!

Nothing wrong in searching engine optimization online stores' you have identified? Leave them in the comments below.

Dinh Nghia Tran

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