Introduce Leo Framework 3.0 - the best responsive prestashop theme framework

Introduce Leo Framework 3.0 - the best responsive prestashop theme framework

Hi guys

Almost 2 years has passed since the first version of Leo prestashop framework was released. Our featured project got very good feedback from Prestashop guru because of its simplicity yet flexibility. Today, it’s back and promise to bring you a lot of surprises. We officially announce the release of Leo Framework version 3.0.

Some reasons why it’s the best prestashop theme framework

  • Fully responsive framework
  • Native with Prestashop 1.6
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 3
  • Powerful menu system with Megamenu
  • Visual layout configuration
  • Real time theme customization
  • Developed with SASS
  • Support HTML5, CSS3

Live demo - More info

Check out the overview video

Leo prestashop framework introduction video

Fully responsive

Fully responsive prestashop framework

It’s not mobile support, it’s responsive. That means your site will fit all devices, from tablet to mobile.

But why my site should be responsive?

Responsive web design is recommended by Google, it allows one website to provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes, and it also makes managing your SEO strategy easier. For these reasons, responsive web design is the best option for your mobile SEO strategy.

How we made it?

Simply, we define layouts for devices based on screen size. When user view site in a device, it will detect the screen size then load the corresponding layout.

What you have to do?

enable responsive feature

Just enable the responsive feature and your site will be responsive.

More powerful with Prestashop 1.6

Support prestashop 1.6

Leo Prestashop Framework is fully compatible with Prestashop 1.6 that was released last month and came with a lot of new features and improvements, surely it’s great new for shopping cart developers.

Visual configuration

We are web developer, we are webmaster, so we know how painful for you to manage your site, to configure theme, megamenu, layout … Now, it’s no longer a problem for you, all functionalities are built in powerful admin panel, we call it visual configuration panels. It means what you configure is what you see.

#1. Layout configuration

Layout configuration panel

#2. Megamenu configuration

Megamenu setting panel

Building megamenu is never easier. In the back-end, when you configure, you will see how it looks like in front-page. You can display menu items in columns, load any module, set size for any column ...

Page builder with Leo widget module

Easily build pages

The new module allows you to quickly build pages for your site. It supports many content types. It can be used in Megamenu as well.

Import, export, backup and restore sample data with one click

Manage sample data easily

Sample data is a very important part in your site, you always need to back-up sample data when upgrade or customize your site. Now it will save you a lot of time to do that. All you have to do is selecting the modules then hit "Backup", "Restore" or "Export".

Bootstrap 3, SASS, HTML5 and CSS3

Bootstrap, SASS, HTML5, CSS3

For any web designer or web master, we are too familiar with those things listed above. There is no doubt that Boostrap 2, SASS, HTML 5 and CSS3 are the latest technologies for web development. They are powerful, flexible and make your site look pretty.

Live demo - More info

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