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If your site is a slow website, you are losing business. It is as simple as that. In Google’s own words, “speed equals revenue.”. Let us help you fix that! We’ll work on improving your site’s loading time, as well as aim to get you a higher score with GTMetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools and WebPagetest.


What's Included in Web Site Optimization service of

With our Site Speed Optimization service we aim to improve your overall site loading speed, letting Google know that you’re serious about your online business. We will review your website, implement the necessary plugins and tools to help speed it up & offer recommendations for future, so you can keep a good score.

  1. Minify Files
  2. Clean Up Store Database
  3. Enable Site Compression
  4. Concatenate Javascript and CSS
  5. Optimize Site Images
  6. Enable Caching
  7. Access to site speed course in GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights



Example Project We Speed Up:


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