Ap MarketPlace Module Userguide

A standard module with all the features of a marketplace. Full options, flexible and user-friendly interface.

Ap Marketplace is one of the best PrestaShop Module (Addons) for Marketplace & Multivendor. The PrestaShop Module 1.7 allows multiple sellers add, manage product for selling & get commission on the market at ease. And you can build your Marketplace quickly.

Are you looking for an automatic tool to convert your PrestaShop Store to a marketplace like Amazon, Esty or Ebay? Let Ap Marketplace Prestashop Module helps you. Thanks to being fully compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 version, this powerful PrestaShop module for Multivendor Marketplace allows sellers/vendor add & manage their product as well as control order & earn commission on the marketplace. All of the sellers can sell. In addition, it seems the best marketing tool to increase your traffics & repute your company brand significantly.


To download the Free version, simply go to the Ap Marketplace Free Module detail page and click on the Download button to get the Free version. If you buy the module, please login your account and go to the Dashboard on the Menu, click on Prestashop Single Download, your download file for Ap Marketplace will be there.


You can install our modules as other modules extremely easily and quickly. After you buy the module, we will give you FREE installation and quick support if there are any problems. Also we integrate the features installed demo data so you can quickly build sites. With powerful features but installation process is quite fast and easy. If customer faces with any problems please contact us. We will always beside you.

Interface of the module after installed

After installing the module, module tabs will show up here

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