Leo Template Control Panel Module 1.0 Guide

THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING OUR THEME! Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the LeoTheme, BEFORE WE GO The theme and the sample data is provided "as is". Customizing code and other design related issues can be done as freelance work on a $15-$20 per hour rate only with Paypal and/or Skrill, if LeoTheme's available. If you are new to Prestashop, please understand I cannot fix your site for free. LeoTheme would love to help everyone but there is no time. I suggest reading documentation available online regarding using Prestashop, server requirements, etc. Thank you! LeoTheme Team

If you want to use Template from LeoTheme.com, you have to install Leo Template Control Panel Module (leotemcp).

You can't use this module for other template not Leotheme. To start config this module, please download and install template from leotheme.com:

Or download quickstart and install follow guide.

After done you can start using this module by click on configuration.

After click on Configure, You will see Basic Settings first:

1. Template Width

In this config, you can input width default of template display in desktop. You can put auto, if you want to use default width of template ( 1170px)

2. Columns In Product List Page

You can config how many product display in category page

You can input your copyright text to display in HOOK_COPYRIGHT in footer

4. Layout

We support 2 type of layout:

5. Default skin

Each template from leotheme support from 3 to 5 skin color. This config allow you select default skin of template display in font-office. You can create new skin with new color, back-ground....

Follow this guide:



This config allow you select font size default for your site. You can select from 9->12px


This config is only for some template, not for all. It allow you select display type of product in category page. If your site have many product you can select display by Grid


Here is panel tool

The panel tool is only for template demo. We display in demo page so customer can try to select skin, change back-ground so in product site, please turn it off


Almost template from leotheme use leotemplate framwork support Responsive feature. You can turn on or off responsive feature of template in it.

Note: if you turn on it, but in table or smart phone, you don't see it run. Please disable default mobile template of Prestashop in

Back-office > Preferences >Themes :

Enable the mobile theme:

10. & Background

You can select back-ground for your site in this config and click save.

If you want to use custom desgin, you can upload background pattern in folder: /themes/LEO_TEMPLATE_NAME/img/patterns, new pattern will display in this config, you can select and click save

Other way: you can open file global.css file in /themes/LEO_TEMPLATE_NAME/css/global.css

and add this code:

body{background:url("IMG_LINK") repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)}


With this config, you can import custom font, select other Google Fonts and apply font for HTML TAG.

1. Create custom font for your site:

You have to make sure that your config.

Font Feature : Enable

You can select new font from Standar font or input link Google Fonts

2. Use custom font from Google fonts

You can config how many product display in category page.

Please input

And follow my guide:

2.1 Find a font and select it:

Select google font

2.2 Copy Link of google font:

Font Name

2.3 Copy font name:

Font Name

2.4 Input in config:


Font Name

2.5 Input html tag:


You can input html tag use this font h1,h2,a,b,....

2.5 Click Save


NOTE: If your site use SSL, please change font link http:// to https://

3. Use Standard font

You can select a standard font from list and add html tag use this font

standard font

4. Export theme

If you want to use this font config for other theme from leotheme.com. You can use this feature

standard font

4. Import theme

You can import font follow

standard font


Other guide:


This function allow you can back-up database of module from leotheme.com.

Note: this function is only for new version of LeoTemcp module

1. Create back-up file:

Please select module you want to back-up config and database.

Select google font

And click button backup

2. Restore

You can select file beside module and click on checkbox.

Select google font

Then click on button Restore

You can access this function in back-office, menu Modules > LeoTheme Position Control Panel

1. Hook positions:

You can see hook position of template from leotheme.com in home page

2. Drag module to hook:

You can drag module from unhook list to hook you want. very convenient and fast

3. Remove module from hook:

You can see remove module from hook. Just need drag it to un-hook position

4. Override Hook:

If you want display my account in HOOK_TOPNAVIATION. Just need drag it in this hook. But prestashop don't support you do follow this way. So you have to use function override hook. Just need hover in module name, you will see a new icon tools display, click on it and select override hook.

NOTE: Remember click SAVE BUTTON in top to apply all change