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Gold Attribute Import Export Userguide

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What is Gold Attribute Import Export

Gold Attribute Import Export is a Prestashop module that allows administrators to easily update Products Attribute by uploading an excel file (.xls). In addition, the administrator can export the Attribute Products to excel file (.xls) to check and update again.

Download and Install


Currently, the modules are only included in the pretashop theme that support the module by default. So you have to download the theme package then the modules will be there for you to use.


Go to your Back office Modules and Services > Modules and Services

Upload module package installed

You can install the module as any other pretashop module. If you are new to prestashop, you can check How To Install Prestashop Module Video Tutorial

How to create Products Attribute file

About Column: Attribute

Content example:


1:S,M,L,XL: Group attribute 1

1: Group attribute ID

S,M,L,XL: Attribute value of Group 1

2:Grey,Taupe: Group attribute 2

2: Group attribute ID

Grey,Taupe: Attribute value of Group 1

3:Grey,Taupe: Group attribute 3

3: Group attribute ID

40x60cm: Attribute value of Group 1

About Column: Images

You can add images link to column (ex: https://goldmodule.com/sample-image/brown-bear-printed-sweater.jpg,https://goldmodule.com/sample-image/mug-the-best-is-yet-to-come.jpg). System will aotomatic download image and insert to atrribute image and product image

Example file: attribute-example.xls

How to import Attribite Products

Step 1: Upload Attribute peoducts file

When you have finished the file, upload it and check the list is correct.

Step 2: Select row

Please select rows you want to import (You can select all rows)

Step 3: Import Or Delete

Choose Import for update the Products Attribute from list.

Choose Delete for delete the selected row from list

How to export Attribite Products

Select export options with:

- All Products

- Select Category

- Select Manufacture

- List Product IDs


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