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Leo Travel Template - Userguide

Leo Travel Template - Userguide

First of all, we would like the thank you for using our work.

Leotheme - a website where you can find the best Joomla! Template, Prestashop theme. We are proud of our high rated themes. As the leader in the RESPONSIVE prestashop theme designer, as well as Joomla!, we continuously improve our products and make some contribution to the web designer world.

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Things to Know Leo Travel Template

Things to Know Leo Travel Template

  1. You - our customers please read the Overview article of the template. This article will give you a quick and complete overview of the template that including template detail information (demo link, version, support link ...), template features and extensions come with the template.
  2. Making a New Site ? - If you are planning to make a new site, we suggest you to use our Quickstart package. The Quickstart packgae contains sample data so once you install the quickstart successfully, you will have a website like our demo. The next step, just replate the demo content with yours. Install Quickstart Package.
  3. 3rd Party Extensions: This template has custom styles for K2 Component. You will need to download K2 from its site and install referring to the userguide below.
  4. Installing on your live site ? - If you are planning to use this template on your already live site. Then you should follow How to make your site look like demo site guide first to know about the steps involved. Then you can follow up the userguide below.

Download Template

Note: The template is developed in the T3 Framework 2, the following extensions included in the framework: JA Extensions manager component, JA Typo Plugin, JA T3 System Plugin

Links to resources on T3 V2 Framework templates and advanced configurations :

  1. Overview
  2. Developer Guides
  3. Customization FAQs
  4. Mega Menu - A missing menu system for Joomla!

Know your Module Positions :

  1. View Module Position Image (used positions only).
  2. Use Module Position Overlay in Template(used & empty module positions).

Main aspects in the userguide:

  1. Installing Template and Extensions in your Joomla
  2. Installing included extensions and Custom HTML Modules.
  3. Mega Menu configs
  4. K2 Component Configuration

Installing Template and Extensions in your Joomla

1. Installing Template and Extensions in your Joomla

1.1 Installing Template
  1. Download template from the Download page.
  2. Install the Template: after downloading the template to your PC, install it on your Joomla! 1.7 system. THIS GUIDE will show you step by step instruction with screenshot to install Joomla! 1.7 template.

Note: It Does not look like Demo Site?

On comparison with the demo site. You will see that it does not look like the demo site. So, what’s Missing?
This guide will show you more detail about this and also guide you How to Make the Template Like the Demo Site

1.2 Installing Extensions
  1. Free Extensions : (aka complimentary / included extensions). We use many extensions in our demo site to provide greater flexibility and features. These are provided for free to our members.
  2. Custom HTML Module : To match the design of the template, we also style (CSS) for Custom HTML modules using different div classes. You will need to check the HTML codes and make sure to use the recommended HTML markup to get correct display. We provide the HTML code in this userguide.

Installing and Configuring Included Extensions :
  1. How to install plugin for joomla 1.7
  2. How to install module for joomla 1.7

List of modules / plugins used in Leo Estate Template Demo :
  1. Lof slideshow module
  2. Extension Manager component (included in T3 Framework v2)
  3. Default Joomla! Extensions
  4. K2 Modules

Installing included extensions and Custom HTML Modules.

2. Installing included extensions and Custom HTML Modules.

2.1 Installing included extensions

1. Lof SlideShow Module

Module Position: slideshow
Module Suffix: _slider

The Lof ArticlesSlideShow Module support up to 4 types of data source (file, content, image and k2). In the demo site of Leo Travel Template, the data source is K2, that means the module will get content from K2 component. Select categories where the module will call items from the categories to display in front-end

Backend Settings

Front-end Appearance

2. Module mod_tabs_gk4

Module Position: position-5
Module Suffix: _tab

3 Module mod_sp_facebook

Module Position: position-5
Module Suffix:  facebook

4. Module mod_artsexylightbox

Module Position: user15
Module Suffix:  _style other

5. Module mod_tweets

Module Position: user16
Module Suffix:  _style other

2.2 Custom HTML Modules

1. Book your tour online

Module Position: investor
Module Suffix: _orange book-tour 

HTML Code:
<div class="form-value">
<p class="item-form goto"><label>Where are you going?</label><br /><
input class="inputbox" type="text" name="tour" value="San Jose, California" 
size="20" alt="username" /></p>
<p class="item-form Check"><label>Check-in date</label><br /><span><input 
class="inputbox" type="text" name="checkin" value="mm/dd/yy" size="18" 
alt="mm/dd/yy" /></span></p>
<p class="item-form Check"><label>Check-out date</label><br /><span><input 
class="inputbox" type="text" name="checkout" value="mm/dd/yy" size="18" 
alt="mm/dd/yy" /></span></p>
<p class="item-form people"><label>How many people?</label><br /> <span> 
4</option></select> <label>Adult</label></span> <span> <select><option>1<
<input class="button" type="submit" name="Book tour now" value="Book tour now" /></div>

Front-end Appearance

2. Signup for Newsletter

Module Position: user9
Module Suffix: NOT USED

HTML Code:
<p><input class="inputbox" type="text" name="email" value="
Your email address" size="20" alt="username" /> <input class="button"
 type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" /></p>

Front-end Appearance

3. Company

Module Position: user14
Module Suffix: _contact-us

HTML Code:
<p>Ut dignissim aliquet nibh tristique hendrerit. Donec ullamcorper nulla quis metus vulputate id placerat augue eleifend. 
Aenean venenatis consectetur orci, sit amet ultricies magna sagittis velon diam ut ultrices massa.</p>
<p><a href="#"><img src="images/stories/icon/icon-facebook.png" border="0" 
alt="" /></a> <a href="#"><img src="images/stories/icon/icon-frick.png" border="0" 
alt="" /></a> <a href="#"><img src="images/stories/icon/icon-link.png" border="0" 
alt="" /></a> <a href="#"><img src="images/stories/icon/icon-img.png" border="0" 
alt="" /></a> <a href="#"><img src="images/stories/icon/icon-twitter.png" border="0" 
alt="" /></a></p>

Front-end Appearance

4. Sample bottom list

Module Position: user17
Module Suffix: _list

HTML Code:
<li><a href="#">Fusce hendrerit</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Proin imperdiet</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Sed non sem quis nibh</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Nunc et sem vel</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Eleifend fringilla</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Est sed nibh porttito</a></li>

Front-end Appearance

2.3 K2 Modules

1. Module K2 comments

Module Position: tab1
Module Suffix: _cart h3_style1

2. Module K2 content

Module Position: position-5
Module Suffix: _badge badge-new

3. Module K2 Tools

3.1 K2 Categories

Module Position: position-5
Module Suffix: NOT USED

3.2 Calendar

Module Position: position-5
Module Suffix: NOT USED

3.3 Tag

Module Position: tab2
Module Suffix: _style 

K2 Component Configuration

3. K2 Component Configuration

3.1 K2 Component Configuration

3.1.1 Install K2 component

  • Download K2 component form the website: getk2.org/
  • If you are new to K2, use the GUIDE to install and configure the component in your Joomla! system.

3.1.2 Configure K2 component

From backend of your Joomla! system, navigate to the Components >> K2

3.1.3 Global Configuration

After access to backend of K2 component, click on the Option button on the top right corner to go to the global settings of the component.

Backend Settings

3.1.4 Category Configuration

All categories in K2 use default template.

To build your website like our demo, navigate to Administrator >> Component >> K2 >> Categories

Menus in front-end that display content in the K2 categories

Frontend Appearance

LeoTravel category

Slideshow category

Mega Menu

3. Mega Menu

All of our templates support multiple Menu styles. In the user-guide, we will show how to config Mega Menu ( a missing feature in Joomla! )

Front-end Appearance

Backend Settings

1. Main Menu Items

2. Detail Settings for Main Menu Items



The guide above supports you to configure for template like our Demo site. The references are also included in the guide, so please read them if you have trouble when configuring.

To get support, you can raise your issues in our Forum or send us email through the Contact Form or send directly to the following email: leotheme@gmail.com . We will try to answer and solve problems for you as soon as possible (within 2 days)